These days

February 1, 2000
I renewed my English web site.
These days I enjoy Online class by mailinglist.

February, 1999
I have not renewed my English web site for long time.
October, 1997
It is 1 year since I opend my web site on the Internet.
During this 1 year I experienced many things caring for my mother-in-law.
How wonderful the Internet is!
We can correspond with people in the world and hearten up each other.

On 7th October,the Asahi News (the biggest newspaper in Japan) pablished a report about my web site and my photo.
So many people accessed my web site and I received E-mail from doctors, caregivers, the council of sociale welfare, the noursing home and the other people .

Now I am going to open my french page.

Since I opened my homepage on the Internet, I recieved many E-mails.
Many of them have encoureged me caring for my mother-in-law.I am very happy reading them.
I sometimes got E-mails from people outside Japan.
One of them says "It has been very heart-warming for me to read your homepage."
I was much pleased to read it.
My mother-in-law is so fine (though she can neither stand up nor walk as usual) that I am able to enjoy sending mail and to make homepage.
These days she sits down on a rattan chair enjoying to read(?) news paper. So I can find time to make a page of "Care for the Elderly in Japan" in English.
I am devoting myself to care for my mother-in-law.
So I cannot work for my groups.
It is my pleasure to take a trip occasionally and to surf home-pages and send E-mails while she is taking a nap after lunch.