My hobbies

The Internet
Now the first one of My hobbies is the Internet.
I used to renew my web site and write mail.
I have many friends on the Internet.

In Japan I've traveled from the northern-most island , Rishiri, Rebun to the southern-most island Yaeyama Islands(Ishigaki,Taketomi,Iriomote,Yubu Island).

For these past 25 years I've traveled about 25 countries.
My first travel to foreign country was in 1979, I visited France, England, Switzerland, Spain, Greek and Itary. In 1994, I visited East Europe(Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Warsaw).
Each city is very nice but I was most impressed by Warsaw that had been destroyed throughly by the Nazis during World War 2 and was reconstructed as it was before.
In 1995, I drove through Great Britain from London to Inverness for a week with my husband and then went to Hawaii to attend our son's wedding.
In 1997, Hongkong, Macao and Chaina.
In 1998, Rossia and visited Moscow, Saint-Petersburg.
In 1999, In 2000, Peru and Alsace in France
In 2002, China
In 2003, India. You can see photo. Click here

Mountain climbing
I have been trying to climb one hundred famous mountains in Japan.
But I climbed only 20 mountains.
In Switzerland, I traversed Aletch-glacier from Jungfrau-Joch and climbed up to Mench Hutte at Mt.Mench(4,099m),then I scaled up to Hoernli Hutte at Mt.Matterhorn(4,508m) and I stayed overnight at each Hutte.
It was in July but I experienced freezing cold as in winter mountains.

In January,1999 I visited New Zealand and walked the Milford Track.
The Milford Track, one of the world's best walking trails, runs through the Fiordland National Park in New Zealand, from the head of Lake Te Anau to Milford Sound with accommodation in comfortable lodges.
The walk is about 53 km (33.5 miles) long.
In 2003,I trekked Tour Monte Rosa with my friend and my husband. You can see photo. Click here          

I have learnt Utai(noh chants), Shimai(noh dance) and playing the ko-tsuzumi(noh instrument, a dram) at Kamakura Noh Theater.
I have danced Shimai at Kanze Noh Theater and played the ko-tsuzumi at National Noh Theater.
It was my unforgettable remembrance to have played the ko-tsuzumi at the embassy of DDR(East Germany) which exists no more.
Tea ceremony
I have enjoyed making ceremonial tea with my mother-in-law.
I am fond of treating my guests to French dishes a la Sachiko or Japanese dishes.